In Spring 2014 my friends and I became fascinated by longboards. Everyone started to buy one of their own, but I decided to build one myself. It isn’t perfect but it’s a lot of fun to ride. For the deck I used birch plywood, wood glue and a basic, self-made press to get a nice bend. Once the glue dried, I cut out the shape with a jigsaw and sanded it until I was kind of satisfied with the result. The next step was painting the bottom of the deck with acrylic paint. Definitely the best and most enjoyable part.

After the paint had dried, I applied a few coats of varnish and let it dry once again. Putting on the griptape was a bit of a hassle but I succeeded in the end. Final steps included adding the trucks and wheels.


Painting in detail // Why are you walking through a field?

The painting in detail // Walking through a field to get to a road

truck in detail

Truck in detail

Board in action

The board in action. You can see how flexible the birch plywood is.